The main activity of the company is mediation between Norway and Lithuania, searching for the new clients in both countries and representation of any country company to other or existing country. Our team has been able to gain significant experience in these areas. We help you get established in New Markets!

Why these services can benefit you?

Conducing a business through a representative is beneficial because: investment can be reduced; a representative using his knowledge, competition, data, contacts and knowing local language, can get faster and easier established in the local market. Saves your precious time. We undertake to protect customers confidential information with which we were introduced or got available or known during cooperation with the customer.

Customer search in Norway or Lithuania

We help Lithuanian or Norwegian companies to find companies for cooperation in Norway or Lithuania. How does this happen? You specify your potential customers, describe the offered service in details, and determine the rates that should be applied to the Norwegian or Lithuanian market. Our team carries out the selection of potential customers, negotiates fees, services and term adjustments.

Mediation between Lithuanian and Norwegian companies

We offer mediation / negotiation service. You can specify our company as your representative or contact person in Norway or Lithuania. In this case, our team will help you to resolve all questions issued with potential / existing customers in Norway or Lithuania.

Introduction of Norwegian or Lithuanian service into the Lithuanian or Norwegian market, representation

We are engaged in promoting or introducing your service to the Lithuanian or Norwegian market.



Jonas Kirklys

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Giedrė Lukšienė

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